British Horse Society

BHS/ Accredited professional Coach Assestments

" Pasquale gave a strong performance throughout today. The technical content of both sessions was consistently strong and corrections to riders improved their position, effectiveness and overall performance.

He taught practical lessons that showed a clear progressive plan.

Pasquale worked with a positive approach and confident delivery which all the riders enjoyed. Pasquale had a very good understanding of the role and responsibilities of a coach ."

Kath B.

Thames Valley Police

"Amazing!! Pasquale is very good at training horses and people. He is kind, patient and non judgmental. I wouldn't have anyone else now to help me train my youngster and learn dressage.He clearly understands horse psychology and therefore can bring out the best in them. Thanks Pasquale. Kath "

Andrew K.

Financial Consolidation Manager

"I am an older male rider with more years than experience who has been trying to get beyond the bouncy beginner stage for many years with several instructors. Pasquale is the first to have really helped make a difference to my understanding of how to sit and move my body. Still have a long way to go but very pleased by the progress I have made with Pasquale's expert help ."

Andrew, Oxfordshire, UK

Rachel F.

Account Executive

Account Executive

"  To anyone thinking of using Pasquale for his work with horses, I can't recommend him highly enough. He was fantastic with my tricky mare. The man truly has the patience of a saint 😇   ."

Gianluca E.

Basketball coach  

"Awesome horse rider and trainer! He has a great balance of passion and competence"

Gianluca, Naples, IT

Kelly U.

"Pasquale is truly amazing at what he does, my horse is going so well learning to carry herself and respond to the lightest ask remaining willing and moving free. Learning to use her body to strengthen her mind and body. This will lead to the most strong, light, obedient and balanced horse, thanks Pasquale ."

Marielle D.

Bakery shop

"I was a complete beginner when I met Pasquale and now after ten years I haven't found many other capable and patient instructors like him. He is very generous to pass down his knowledge in his lessons ! Marielle  ."

Thank you !