Horse Riding Instructor

As both a rider and a trainer, my goal is to combine the technical and mental aspects of riding. At my yard in Italy, I experimented with various approaches and training techniques before heading to the more fertile equestrian environment of the UK.

Although I am a BHS qualified instructor, I am not bound by the traditions of equitation and use my instinct and experience to achieve the best results.

Using the Mind to Overcome Limitations

While many instructors focus solely on technique, I incorporate aspects of how the mind affects both our ability to perform and our learning capacity.

Any tension in the brain is transferred into our muscles which, in turn, communicate that tension to the horse. This can limit both our abilities as riders and our horses' ability to deliver an optimal performance.

Over the years, I have found my capacity to learn and develop as a rider has more often been constrained by my mental attitude rather than my ability to improve technically. Those challenges have made me realise how important it is to let go of old cognitive learning processes, habits, and negative thoughts. It is only by starting again, with a clean slate, that we can begin to learn effectively and improve as riders.

Much of my work is focused on the horse and yet, as an instructor, I enjoy helping those around me, using my personal experience and growth to facilitate theirs.

If you are having trouble getting the results you're looking for, either in your horse or in terms of your own riding ability, I'm happy to help. I train and ride horses for clients, as well as coaching the riders themselves and training them in a manner that will improve the riding experience for both the rider and their horse.

A Combination of Mindfulness and Technique

Whether you're hoping to start competing in cross or jumping, have dreams of becoming the next Charlotte Dujardin or simply want to enjoy a relaxed hack at the weekend, I'm here to help you achieve those goals thanks to my fundamental understanding of horses and my ability to impart the key skills you need to excel in both cross and dressage.

I may not always take the traditional approach, but I can guarantee positive results thanks to my extensive hands-on experience in the field. I also have a comprehensive understanding of the UK equestrian world and the challenges facing riders of all disciplines.

Much of my knowledge is self-taught and, through that process of trial and error, I have developed a unique approach to both training and riding. Occasionally, my techniques may seem unusual or even outlandish, but I trust the process and am confident in my ability to combine the requirements of the BHS with my more unconventional training techniques.

I feel fortunate that, in my home village in Italy, I had the opportunity to cultivate my own ideas and concepts about riding and training horses. My move to the UK has enabled me to further develop my passion and love for horses in a more fertile and competitive environment.

Technique is the foundation for our development as riders, but, when we ride with our minds, we have the opportunity to achieve greatness. Few riders expect compliments from their trainers - we are notoriously difficult to please - but, as far as I'm concerned, it's not your trainer you should be seeking compliments from, but your horse. When he does what you ask him to do, he is telling you he understands, and that is the best reward.