The secret to riding is to do only a few things but do them right !


The secret in riding is to do only a few things but to do them right !
A Young horse or a not well trained horse is like a keyboard without notes. If you think about it there are only seven notes , but if you combine them together, you can have good music ( well, sometimes, also bad music ! ! ). Now just imagine if you could  start to compose music with notes that are  out of tune .
Riding horses is like playing music: you need to know where the notes are  on the keyboard!! If you know the notes you can play and compose anything you desire.

Flatwork when riding horses means to teach the horse the seven notes of the keyboard, and you as rider can play with him !

If the horse has a good basic training you can do much more whith him.
You can get better result in your dressage, eventing and show jumping or simply have more fun and enjoyable riding.