The Benefits Of Hiring A British Horse Society Qualified Coach


Tired of your trainer shouting at you? Hire a BHS-qualified coach who can encourage you to improve your riding in safe and fun environment instead.

Stay safe and be positive with a BHS-qualified coach

For your horse to deliver a top-class performance, he needs to have confidence in his rider. Similarly, the rider needs to have confidence in their trainer if they are to achieve their goals. While most coaches, trainers, and instructors come across as knowledgeable and confident, not everyone will be the right fit for you. They are human, after all.

The first thing to check for when seeking out professional help is accreditation. A coach with British Horse Society affiliation is bound by a strict code of conduct and committed to creating a fun, safe, and professional learning environment.

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Unlike the stereotypical trainer who puts the fear of God into their pupils, BHS Accredited Professional Coaches encourage their students, and endeavour to create positive learning experiences, both on and off the horse.

Riding instructors are often known for their cruel remarks and harsh criticisms, but you'll never hear a BHS-approved coach utter the words: "You looked like it was your first time in a dressage arena" or "If I keep riding your horse all the time, he'll start thinking, "Here comes trouble" every time he sees you dressed to ride."

  • On the contrary, a BHS instructor's approach is designed to inspire you to be the best rider you can possibly be, and support you through those moments when it feels as though you've forgotten everything you ever learned. The result should be a challenging, yet achievable, lesson that leaves you excited to get back in the saddle.

A great instructor or coach won't only teach you about riding, they will also give you some important life lessons that may stimulate changes out of the saddle as much as they help to improve your experiences in it.

Why a BHS-Approved Coach is the Best Solution

A BHS-approved coach's attitude to training is based on the principles of honesty, integrity, respect, and fair play. They are encouraged to create fun experiences while ensuring the safety of both horse and rider.

Not only that, all BHS accredited coaches have been through rigorous training and have secured internationally recognised qualifications.

Every BHS accredited coach is required to undergo thorough First Aid and safeguarding training and is committed to ongoing professional development. They are expected to attend at least one course every two years, so they keep up-to-date with the latest research, concepts, training methods, and technology.

Whether you want a group lesson or individual training sessions, a BHS-approved instructor will create a safe and friendly environment in which to improve your riding and perfect your horse's performance.

No matter what your level of training or riding ability, your competitive aspirations, or your budget, a BHS-approved coach can help you get more out of your horse and your time in the saddle.

You still have to be willing to put the work in and be accountable for your actions in the saddle, but a qualified coach can give you the confidence and focus that will mean you get more out of your horse simply by fine-tuning what you put in.