Feeling frustrated: Something you can change now !


Yesterday l rode her and l had an amazing feeling while l was riding this beautiful mare.
She was so cooperative and relaxed that l felt delighted to ride her. l cant believe how different she was just a few months ago... l felt so frustrated when l first started to ride her so l asked to myself: what made the difference..?

I think there is only one answer: change the riding approach with her 

l thought you can coerce, force  or pressure  someone to came to your holiday party, but you can't make him have fun.
I myself, can understand, what is means to feel frustrated when your horse is not cooperative, even if you try with your best intentions .
I always ask myself: what is the difference between  educating and to forcing  something ?
If your horse is educated, he does what you ask him to do and at the same time, he is also your partner and he is also cooperative, enthusiastic and happy.
If a horse is forced to do something , might do what you ask him to do, but probably he won` t be your partner and probably he won` t be enthusiastic and happy.

It is clear you can coerce, force or pressure a horse to do something, but at this point, I have a question: is this the way we want to create a connection with our horse? 

Let me know what you think about this !