My technique is the best in the world..but it`s not enough . 


To have a good position or a good balance is fundamental to being a good dressage rider, eventer, or show jumping rider.

With some horses is not enough to understand and play with his body. A good trainer must be a very good rider, but you'll never be a good trainer, if you don't learn to understand, a horses brain.

There are very good rider with a lot of different techniques .

With some horses you need to conquer their brain and their heart , not to use your legs . 

Techniques are not always enough to encourage a horse to behave like a  partner and consequently compete well, or just have fun .

To teach a horse to stand close to the mounting block, for example, is not a technique problem but rather a mental question. Unfortunately the techniques are not always enough to be a good horse trainer . 

As soon as we sit on a horse we always become responsible of hos training.