Basic principles to train horses


I firmly believe in two principles about training and riding horses, they are :

  • The Natural Equitation System.
  • Lightness.

In the Natural Equitation System the horse must feel free to use his body naturally. The rider must adapt himself to the horses natural attitude and support the natural change of the horses balance in any training process and any circumstances without interfering with his natural biomechanics. Training a horse using the Natural Equitation System means to

give him the chance to learn how to carry our added weight while maintaining his natural balance and movement. 

Horses are " economical " animals as they carefully manage their available energy. They don't like to waste energy. We must never impose on them a waste of physical and mental energy to achieve the results that we as the trainer want. In order to implement the Natural Equitation System the rider must have:

• the correct posture in any circumstances to support the natural change of horse balance.

• never interfere with horses movements, but just follow the horses natural movement and balance. 

We as trainers have to train the horse to :

• take care of itself and at the same time be disciplined and obedient.

• be confident in rider.

The second principle l firmly believe is Lightness. I believe that the main goal that we, as riders and trainers can achieve is lightness. Lightness could be defined as alot of thinks ( good use of the hands, legs, spurs, good posture, good feel ....). From my point of view lightness is:

Seeing a horse and his rider doing the most difficult exercise without any effort and without any heaviness.

We don't needs to become bodybuilders to ride horses. We don't need to scream at horses, we need to whisper when we speak to horses. We have to ask for a canter with a caress of our legs, not pushing and pushing with our legs. How can we achieve the lightness :

• Teaching the horse to respond at our light request .

• To respect and train the horse according to his own personality.

That's the way to have a horse as partner. That's the way to have a horse as a friend. These should be the basics of training, whether you want to do competitions or whether you want enjoy hacking out in a sunny day.

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