Accredited Professional coach and rider

Offering expert tuition to riders of all ages and abilities across South East England, I provide the insightful support, training and instruction you need to transform your riding ability and confidence.

I am a fully insured, BHS-accredited coach, freelance horse rider and trainer dedicated to helping you enhance your riding skills.

I supply a range of high-quality and professional training services designed to give every rider, regardless of experience, a sound foundation from which to reach their true potential.

Based in Reading, I am happy to travel anywhere in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Gloucestershire to assist riders and their horses.

Who can benefit from Professional Riding Lessons?

Whether you're a happy hacker, or an ambitious amateur rider moving into competition  I can help you realise your riding goals.

I feel as at home in the saddle as I do training horses in the arena and, in addition to offering riding instruction to those with their own horses, 

I'm also confident when it comes to training young horses or retraining those that have developed bad habits. 

I'm as comfortable riding and training a Thoroughbred for a show jumping class as I am a Hanoverian for dressage, or a Welsh cob out on the trail thanks to my ability to impart the fundamental skills you need for success. 

What You Can Expect

Whether you want a one-off session or a three-month set of lessons, my prices are affordable, and my commitment is 100%.

I always believe in a natural approach to training horses, and encourage lightness and patience in my riders, while prioritising the safety of horse and rider.

While the importance of technique is undeniable, I also encourage my clients to ride with their minds - focusing on removing tension and giving the horse the freedom to move and balance naturally.

I aim to help you and your horse move together in harmony, producing a fluidity of movement and a disciplined performance that is as beautiful to watch as it is to ride.

Having realised that a highly pressured environment is not conducive to learning, I try to create a friendly, yet professional, space in which my clients, and their horses, can truly flourish.

Above all, I am passionate about my work, conscientious about my clients' safety and sensitive to the horse's needs.

My Story

Today I live in Reading, but my love for all things equestrian began back in Italy when I first discovered I had a natural aptitude for horse riding as a young boy. Since those early days, my .. Read more > > 

What do we offer

Riding  & Coaching

Horse Training and Riding

The secret to riding ? 

You only need to do a few things but you have to do them right !

In riding, we are often tempted to kick, pull and push with more force than necessary, and in doing so, weend up disrupting the horse's balance. We have to teach the horse to respond to our light requests whilst ensuring we respect and train the horse according to its own unique perso... Read more > >

How do you build a partnership with your horse ?

"For the teacher or coach, the question has to be how to give instructions in such a way as to help the natural learning process of the student and not interfere with it g.. Read more .... >>

We all compete for different reasons; for some it’s a benchmark against their training stages, others its to progress up the dressage ladder; for many its something they can enjoy, and achieve, with their ponies and horses.
Today, I’m not going to analyse the dressage test from the view of an official dressage judge, but from my view...

There’s a common misconception that only novice riders experience fear in the saddle. However, that certainly isn’t the case. In fact, from time to time, every rider will inevitably experience some anxiety, no matter whether they’re a professional, amateur, dressage rider, or show jumper. So, if you’re nervous about cantering your horse, you...

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